The Crescent Group has made its mark by pursuing projects that are well planned, economically sound, and a positive influence on the communities in which they are located.

Land Acquisition

We use our decades of experience in site selection to determine the merits of potential new projects. The Crescent Group is always looking for new land opportunities in or around the Fredericksburg, Richmond and Hampton Roads markets.


We have experience in assessing the feasibility of new projects via specific evaluations of jurisdictional requirements, impact fees analysis, entitlement histories, environmental reports, traffic studies, appraisals, market research studies, ALTA surveys, soil studies and title reports.


We have the capabilities to be involved with the conceptual and schematic designs of mixed use projects, commercial projects and residential communities. We work with in conjunction with a network of land planners, engineers, architects and landscape architects to create innovative yet utilitarian designs.


The Crescent Group utilizes and develops relationships with local government staff, elected officials, land owners, other land developers, competing homebuilders, community groups, contractors and others. We work together through a transparent process resulting in successful re-zoning of properties.


We are experts in managing and value engineering projects through various federal, state and local approval processes. We consider all costs associated with a project, from the initial design through its completion, taking an in-depth look at everything from equipment to systems, services to materials.


Thanks to our roots in the community, we have long-standing relationships with banking institutions and capital groups. This allows us to provide effective financing for projects that meet the objectives of our investors and stakeholders.

Project Management

The Crescent Group manages projects from feasibility through build out, bond release and HOA/Condo Association turnover. We ensure that projects are kept on budget, on schedule and brought to fruition with high quality, while also ensuring that they are in compliance with all jurisdictional, state and federal laws. We manage the installation of all infrastructure improvements in relation to land development activities, including excavation, wet and dry utilities, paving, landscaping and all hardscapes.